China United Engineering Company, formerly known as the second Design Institute of mechanical industry, is one of the first large-scale comprehensive design institute of the new China, the country to undertake various types of machinery factory design and technical transformation tasks. In 1958, according to the division of the national industry, mainly responsible for power generation equipment manufacturing industry (boiler, steam turbine, power station auxiliary), general equipment manufacturing industry (fan, compressor, pump, valve, cooling machine, air separation equipment, vacuum equipment, separation equipment, plastic machinery, etc.) design and development planning, basic construction and technical transformation projects and instrument manufacturing industry, and undertake the design task related to the production of special equipment, automatic line test device, making contribution to the establishment of the system of China's machinery industry.

Architecture Segment Profile:

  Architecture design of CUC was started by the project we did since 1950’s, including office building, dormitory, school and some others. After 1980, the working team of civil architecture was gradually formed. The success of Hangzhou Mansion——named by the city, high-rising comprehensive of building and being the city landmark, Communication Bank of Hangzhou Financial Comprehensive Building, Hangzhou Yongjin Plaza and Nanjing Xinhua Mansion symbolized the fully grew up of the civil architecture. At the same time, we also developed a design team with professional knowledge, strong technique and hard working style and excellent design services

  CUC Civil Architecture Center owns the First Architecture Engineering Design & Research Institute, the Second Architecture Engineering Design & Research Institute, the Third Architecture Engineering Design & Research Institute, the Fourth Architecture Engineering Design & Research Institute, Shanghai Design & Research Institute, Ningbo Design & Research Institute, Xiamen Design & Research Institute, the Curtain Wall Engineering Design & Research Institute, Construction Drawing Examination & Approval Company and so on. We have over 500 technical staff, including over 100 technical staff with first-grade register engineering and senior technical titles, with all kinds of professions and full of experience. Cheng Taining, the chief architect, is the academician from the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the winner of the “Liang Sicheng Construction Award” which is the highest honor in Chinese construction field.

  Based on the effort of several generations, CUC Civil Architecture Center has a certain reputation at home and abroad by completing hundreds of design tasks, which covering from urban planning to business, office, hotel, cultural, health, planning, municipal and other areas, locating in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Chongqing, Nanjing, Ningbo, Xiamen and dozens of large and medium cities at home but also in Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries.

  Until now, the design team of CUC Civil Architecture Center had provided professional engineering design service to nearly hundred of owners, including famous enterprises like Vanke, Gemdale, Zhonghai and so on. We completed plenty of landmark projects like Hangzhou International Conference Center, and also have relationships with the world top design enterprises in America, Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korean, Singapore, China Hong Kong and Taiwan. We had completed dozens of large design projects with their cooperation, and formed a combination of creativity and cooperation brand of CUC Civil Architecture Center.

Contact of Architecture Engineering Center:
The First Architecture Engineering Design & Research Institute:
Business Office:0571-81185286/5345
Comprehensive Management Office:0571- 81185296/85164757(fax)
Network Center: 0571- 81185329
file management  0571-81185375
Later Period Service Center:0571-81185294
Architecture Studio: 0571- 81185286/5397/5353/5354
Xingkong Comprehensive Architecture Design Studio: 0571-81185370/5368/5355/5356
Hengchuang Comprehensive Architecture Design Studio:81185371/5359/5360/5366
Dushi Comprehensive Architecture Design Studio    0571-81185388/5361/5380/5363
Structure: 0571-81185328/5336/5337/5308
Water Supply & Drainage:0571-81185340/5320/5321
Weak current 0571-81185313/2964
General Layout:0571-81185397 
Estimate 0571-81185330

The Second Architecture Engineering Design & Research Institute:
Comprehensive Management Office:0571-81185130/5165/85391736
Architecture Studio NO.1:0571-85391703/81185162/5153/5161/5149/5151/5165/5164/5150
Architecture Studio NO.2:0571-85391711/81185167/5173/5154/5168/1847
Architecture Studio NO.3:0571- 85391738/81185176/5157/5170/5178/5177/5170
Creation Center: 0571-81185174/5142/5132
Equipment Studio:0571-85391720/81185172/5181/5200/5179/5180/5183
structure:0571- 81185131/5141/5156/5173/5158/5770/1725/5159/5756/5767
fax: 0571-85391700

The Third Architecture Engineering Design & Research Institute:
Water Supply & Drainage:0571-85391737  
Landscape Architecture:0571-85391729/1735
Creation Center:0571-85391730/85302089/81185277/85302997

The Fourth Architecture Engineering Design & Research Institute:
comprehensive Management Office:0571-81185148
Fax:0571- 81185124
Architecture Studio:0571-81185129
Structure Studio:0571-81185454

The Fifth Architecture Engineering Design & Research Institute:Comprehensive Management Office:0571- 88162998
Architecture Studio:0571-81185351
Structure Studio:0571-81185283

The Sixth Architecture Engineering Design & Research Institute:
Business Office:0571-81185155
Equipment Studio:0571- 81185182/5201/5130/5753/5123
Structure Studio:0571-81185138/5135/5133/85391739
Comprehensive Management Office:0571-88155755/85391736/88155751(Fax)

Shanghai Design & Research Institute:
Comprehensive Management Office:021-63451864
Business Office:021-63450917/217/205/219/208/205/211/213
Utilities :021- 63453499/206/218/210
Business Office:021- 63450916

Ningbo Design & Research Institute:
Comprehensive Management Office:0574- 87326225
Architecture:  0574-87190296/87194072
Structure Studio:0574- 87190297
Utilities :0574-87190299

Xiamen Design & Research Institute:
Comprehensive Management Office:0592-5581219/4900/4908/1221
Architecture Studio:0582-5581223/4901/4902/4903
Structure Studio:0582-5584905/4906
Equipment Studio:0582-5584911/907/909

The Curtain Wall Engineering Design & Research Institute:
Design Studio:0571-85390812
Comprehensive Management Office:0571- 85390812

Construction Drawing Examination & Approval Company:
Design Studio:0571- 81185395
Comprehensive Management Office:0571-81185396

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