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China United Engineering Company, formerly known as the second Design Institute of mechanical industry, is one of the first large-scale comprehensive design institute of the new China, the country to undertake various types of machinery factory design and technical transformation tasks. In 1958, according to the division of the national industry, mainly responsible for power generation equipment manufacturing industry (boiler, steam turbine, power station auxiliary), general equipment manufacturing industry (fan, compressor, pump, valve, cooling machine, air separation equipment, vacuum equipment, separation equipment, plastic machinery, etc.) design and development planning, basic construction and technical transformation projects and instrument manufacturing industry, and undertake the design task related to the production of special equipment, automatic line test device, making contribution to the establishment of the system of China's machinery industry.

Industry Equipment Segment Profile:

The Industrial Equipment Company of CUC, which specializes in design and development, manufacture, installation and services business of special industrial equipment and production line design , formerly known as the special equipment studio, industrial furnaces studio, hull painting studio, foundry studio, robotization studio and so on. We have a history 60 years and completed more than 5,000 pieces (sets) equipment in all kinds of production line of industrial furnace and heat treatment, hull painting, surface treatment equipment and production line, special equipment and industrial assemble production line. We have made our contribution to the national industrial development with many achievements in this field, plenty of experience and outstanding of social credibility.

Industrial Equipment Company consists of the comprehensive management of rooms, industrial furnace studio, hull painting studio, specialized equipment studio, manufacturing base, with more than 200 professional technical staff, including 1 National Outstanding Contribution Expert and National Design Master, 10 Professional Senior Engineers, over 30 Senior Engineers, over 60 Engineers and 40 many kinds of National Registration Engineers.

Recent years, as the adjusting of the national economy structure, Industrial Equipment Company of CUC persisted in exploiting, innovation and gained great achievement, with annual turnover of more than 500 million yuan. We have established our own brand and controlled certain technique advantage in industrial furnace, surface treatment, large-scale hull painting, metal composite production line and so on. There are many projects gained province - and ministry-level award of science and technology achievement prizes, with one state scientific-technical progress prizes of golden medal, two silver medal and two bronze medal.

Industrial Equipment Company of CUC take the tradition" Realistic and pragmatic, self-innovation", depend on the brand of CUC, keep on innovating, exceeding ourselves, extending our service in engineering equipment design, manufacture, installation and debugging both in home and abroad, providing the customs with “fantasic design, aimed classic, beyond expectation, pursued excellence” service.

Contact of Industry Equipment Company :

Comprehensive Management Office:0571-88155012

No.1 Industrial Furnace Studio:0571-88155011

No.2 Industrial Furnace Studio:0571-88155017

No.3 Industrial Furnace Studio:0571-88155657

Special Equipment Studio:0571-88153175

Hull Painting Studio:0571-88155641

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