Planeación infraestructura

China United Engineering Company, formerly known as the second Design Institute of mechanical industry, is one of the first large-scale comprehensive design institute of the new China, the country to undertake various types of machinery factory design and technical transformation tasks. In 1958, according to the division of the national industry, mainly responsible for power generation equipment manufacturing industry (boiler, steam turbine, power station auxiliary), general equipment manufacturing industry (fan, compressor, pump, valve, cooling machine, air separation equipment, vacuum equipment, separation equipment, plastic machinery, etc.) design and development planning, basic construction and technical transformation projects and instrument manufacturing industry, and undertake the design task related to the production of special equipment, automatic line test device, making contribution to the establishment of the system of China's machinery industry.

The Municipal & Institute of CUC was founded in 1990s. With years of development, we have formed a professional team. We specialized in various types of urban infrastructure pre-planning, consulting, design, project management and general contracting business. Until now we have completed thousands of municipal projects in all fields, spreading all over China and Africa, Asia, South America and so on. We have formed the special superiority in the field of Overall Development and Design for mountain city, Road System in coastal area, Sewage Disposal Engineering & River Regulation. We hope to be “Supplier for urban infrastructure integration”, which depends on our excellent design, providing the whole process of service for urban infrastructure construction. The company has completed a total of more than 500 municipal project designs, management and general contracting projects currently.

Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute(Rail Transit Design & Research Institute)


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The Environmental Protection Section

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